The future of digital newspapers in travel, what’s happening now?


Now is the time to get the world moving again. Now is the time to reunite families, friends, colleagues and communities so we can safely reopen, rebuild and recover. The World Travel & Tourism Council is doing just that. Its newly launched campaign brings the world together again to share their #REUNITE moments as we reconnect to our favorite places and people around the globe.

Local and international leaders concerned about the tourism industry’s future are standing together to focus on the safety and restart of worldwide travel. It begs the question, does the tourism industry have a plan in place?

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Yes, it does. From hotels to airlines and cruise lines, anyone who works in the industry has implemented safe touchpoints, or rather touchless points, in all aspects of the traveler's journey. 

As part of the plan, the WTTC is raising awareness for those working in the travel industry and those excited to travel again. Tapping into the energy of #REUNITE, they’ve also compiled a cheat sheet for travelers to both feel safe about returning and get excited. Here’s what it looks like:

Things to consider before you book your next trip

WTTC recommends checking whether your destination has opened its borders to travelers from your departure country. Travelers can often find this information in their departure or destination country’s government sites.

FAQ for today’s travel agenda

Need a carefully curated list of questions and answers that today’s travelers might ask, WTTC has it. From figuring out what documents relating to COVID-19 are needed for travel to steps you can take to get to your destination safely and responsibly. Learn more about these answers here: WTTC Travel Cheat Sheet

How does PressReader fit into the ‘safe travels’ picture?

As mentioned before, hotels, airlines and cruise lines are taking the necessary steps to keep travel safe. One of the ways they do this is by reducing or even eliminating touchpoints.

And, that’s easy to do with PressReader. From the traveler's point of view, they don’t need to worry about finding the nearest convenience store to buy a magazine to read while they wait for their flight, or rely on the selection in the back pocket of their flight. They don’t need to think about all the other travelers who might have touched that morning newspaper at the hotel. They also don’t have to worry about finding something to read while they have no access to a cell signal while they’re enjoying a mai tai on their cruise. All travelers need to do is simply sign into the WiFi with their device and voila - access to 7,000 digital newspapers and magazines.

“Our partnership with PressReader not only offers a COVID-safe, contactless entertainment option to further enhance our passengers' on-board experience, it also supports our commitment to environmental sustainability, which continues to be a key focus for the airline.” - His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive, Qatar Airways

A new way to connect with your traveler

Consider how PressReader helps these companies provide a safer travel experience. There are plenty more reasons why they choose PressReader for travel. Think sustainability. Not only is there less waste but PressReader’s Self-Pub feature gives businesses like hotels another way to connect and engage with their guests. Hotel directories, restaurant or bar menus and even a list of local attractions are some of the ways resorts, as well as 5-star accommodations, make the most out of PressReader. And, all those trees saved contribute to the world’s effort to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s a win-win-win.

“We love that PressReader is a contactless way for our guests to access news and entertainment.  Since PressReader enables guests to access thousands of world’s most popular newspaper and magazine, our hotel doesn’t have to provide a wide selection of newspaper or magazines, and allows us to save costs on multiple subscriptions. Because of how vast PressReader is, we can offer every guest exactly what they enjoy reading. With PressReader, our guests have the ability to translate those newspapers into their preferred language, which is a great benefit.” - Shiori Funaki, Marketing Communications Assistant Manager, InterContinental Osaka

Taking the future of digital newspapers offline

The future of travel relies heavily on the online world. Travelers demand that travel packages and holidays deliver the best return on their investment and be accessible at their fingertips from the comfort of their own home/desk/office. Who better than the younger generations to be a significant driver of this change? They’re familiar with all the latest conveniences in their daily lives, from tablets to smartphones, and their ability to share and communicate in a new, global context. They want instant access to a world of content with friends and family. It’s an opportunity to keep in touch, create a travel itinerary, find all the information required to plan, book and pay for trips. The caveat here is that many times, internet access is required.

But, when you’re out to sea with limited connectivity to the web, what’s the solution? With PressReader’s help, cruise lines are leading the charge to provide amenities that are available without direct access to the internet. Take Baleària, for example. Their newest vessel, Eleanor Roosevelt, uses smart ship technology and the latest innovations for passengers, including a premium digital newspaper and magazine reading experience on board through PressReader. They're downloaded from PressReader and locally stored on their ship's servers, which means no internet connection is required, only the ship's local WiFi. 


PressReader helps with a worldwide, post-Covid, sustainability reset

Sustainability is more than green, it's about communities and providing a better future for all. At PressReader, we believe all people should have an easy, instant, secure and widely accessible way to access news. PressReader helps travelers and travel companies return to holidays and travel experiences safely.

Join us while we look forward to traveling again. Better yet, make sure to check out WTTC’s #REUNITE campaign. 


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