Baleària doubles down on sustainability by offering digital publications on board


Baleària, the leading passenger, vehicle, and goods transport company in the Baleàric Islands for over two decades, has made great strides to provide one of the most sustainable marine transportation services in the world. Their newest vessel, The Eleanor Roosevelt, is the world's longest fast ferry and the first natural gas-powered fast ferry. This modern vessel uses smart ship technology and the latest technological innovation at the service of passengers, including offering premium digital newspaper and magazine reading experience onboard through PressReader.

Baleària and PressReader recently partnered to bring the best reading experience to Eleanor Roosevelt's passengers and promote innovative technologies focused on zeroing out emissions from maritime transportation.

World's greenest fast ferry using PressReader

Baleària's new fast ferry, Eleanor Roosevelt, is one of the world's most technologically advanced vessels, incorporating smart ship technology for onboard services and relying upon big data to monitor its efficiency and emissions in real-time.

This ship incorporates numerous innovations, including improvements in interior design, where priority has been given to spaciousness and the separation between seats, and comfort onboard, incorporating a state-of-the-art stabilization system, which will reduce movement considerably.

Sustainability tops the company's digital objectives

Baleària's commitment to eco-responsibility begins with its own operations. The company has a fleet of about 100 vessels, most of them powered by natural gas, which emits less CO2 than diesel. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the use of natural gas dramatically reduces the impact on port communities and regions where ships dock and refuel.

Yet Baleària wants to do more to improve its efforts in sustainability: it also seeks to be a pioneer in zeroing out emissions through innovative technologies. The company plans to invest 380 million euros in advancing renewable energies that will make maritime shipping cleaner and greener because it will have an important impact on both social responsibility and economic profitability.

Baleària is a responsible, citizen-based company that focuses on the well-being of its people by staying involved in the social and economic development of the territories it connects. The Baleària group has a stable workforce of more than 1,500 people, who work in the six countries in which it operates. In all its activities, Baleària is committed to providing exceptional customer service through an innovative customer experience strategy delivering high-quality products.

Using PressReader on board

For Baleària, it's always been about providing travelers with what they want to heighten the experience of their journey. In alignment with their focus on sustainability and providing leading-edge passenger experiences,  Baleària offers their passengers access to PressReader while on board. A valuable bonus for the company is the ability to store PressReader locally on their ship's servers, which means no internet connection is required, other than the ship's local WiFi.

By providing digital newspapers and magazines, Baleària's passengers get to enjoy a more premium reading experience that is more convenient, environmentally friendly, and more hygienic.

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