Your cruise or ferry needs digital newspapers and magazines. Here’s why.

Your cruise or ferry needs digital newspapers and magazines

Some cruise and ferry lines think offering their guests newspapers and magazines is a perk of the past. We’re here to clear the air and say: it’s not. It’s important today, and it’ll be important tomorrow.

Because today’s passengers are more connected than ever. And when they’re stepping onto your vessel, they shouldn’t have to mentally prepare to be cut off from the world. They shouldn’t be stepping into information deprivation. Your ship should fit seamlessly into their lives. Which means, passengers should be able to travel from point A to point B without sacrificing the things they do on-shore.

Your cruise or ferry needs digital newspapers and magazines

If you’re thinking…

  • Newspapers and magazines sound like a lot of extra weight to bring onboard.
  • It’s tough to narrow down to only a few publications for my diverse passengers.
  • I’m going to have to pay for proper disposal of out-of-date content.

You’re exactly right. And these are only a few of the reasons you should switch to digital.

Almost every passenger carries a tiny computer in their pocket – the smartphone – making it easier than ever to make the switch. In the next few years, marine lines who don’t embrace that fact might be left at the dock.

Digital newspapers and magazines are quickly becoming the industry standard because they eliminate many logistical concerns that come with print. They weigh nothing, they don’t require any operational costs of cleanup and paper waste, and they allow you to offer a wide variety of diverse content.

Being environmentally sustainable has been a big topic of conversation in the marine industry –  especially when it comes to attracting millennials. While a ton of travelers want to see the world by sea, they want to keep their conscience clear. So don’t make them go through an internal moral battle. Make the choice easy by offering green services that actually enhance their onboard experience.

It doesn't have to be difficult

You're probably also thinking ’digital’ sounds a lot like ‘dollars’ and that’s something cruise lines and ferries don’t want to shell out. We know getting connected on the water is crazy expensive. Which is why a platform like PressReader is such a life (and bandwidth) saver. It lets your vessel download publications while at port, so passengers can access them later onboard – without using a single drop of at-sea connectivity. And publications are available on PressReader as soon as they hit newsstands. So no matter where passengers find themselves, they won’t fall behind on news and current events.

While operational savings are always nice, what’s really important is what digital newspapers and magazines add to the journey. Not only are they a way to keep passengers informed and entertained, but they’re a way to personalize the onboard experience. Cruises and ferries see thousands of passengers from hundreds of countries – and they should all feel like there’s something available to pique their interests.

Your passengers are curious

They want to know what’s going on in the world. Whether it’s to keep up with their industry while they see the world by sea, or to spark interesting conversations in the onboard cocktail lounge. Stepping onto a vessel and sailing away from WiFi shouldn’t deprive them of access to information and entertainment. So make sure it doesn’t.

To learn more about how PressReader can add value to your vessel, talk to sales.

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