Hotel Monteleone and PressReader pair up to bring guests an integrated reading experience



Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans partnered with PressReader to give every one of its guests an integrated, mobile, personalized reading experience. As competitors began to bring new technologies into their offerings, Hotel Monteleone wanted to invest in their digital guest experience while maintaining a sense of quality and premium service. It was important that PressReader become a non-intrusive part of that experience that fit seamlessly with the luxury brand Hotel Monteleone had already established.

The goal, then, was to increase engagement by catering to the interests of Hotel Monteleone’s guests.  PressReader provided focused content that allowed guests to immerse themselves in the culture of New Orleans.



PressReader’s sales, publishing, marketing, and product development teams worked together to create a holistic solution centered around a new guest profile developed by both the PressReader and Monteleone marketing teams.

The new profile helped both brands focus their messaging and highlight the most relevant features. It also helped the content team identify titles that would resonate with the audience – titles that emphasized music, wedding, and lifestyle content.

Finally, PressReader’s marketing and sales teams worked together to identify key touchpoints in the guest journey for Hotel Monteleone. They developed a marketing communications plan that put the right messages in front of the right guests at the right time, and worked with the client to ensure it was executed accordingly.

Hotel Monteleone partnered with PressReader


As part of the new strategy, PressReader was responsible for the following:

  • Extending radiant access, so guests could access PressReader for up to 24 hours after they'd checked out.
  • Revising the messaging for all collateral pieces with a focus on the new guest profile.
  • Sending redeveloped printed collateral with new messaging to Hotel Monteleone.
  • Moving the direct access link to PressReader higher on the hotel's own landing page.
  • Working directly with the hotel's manager and their marketing team.


Hotel Monteleone was responsible for the following:

  • Sending pre-arrival and post-stay email communications about the 24-our radiant access.
  • Including PressReader announcements in the hotel's monthly newsletter.
  • Posting PressReader announcements on all of the hotel's social platforms using the new assets.
  • Presenting relevant communications material at strategic points in the customer journey.
  • Updating rooms with new on-screen animations and other collateral.



The focus on a specific guest profile and the resulting change in messaging caused usage levels to rise dramatically. The marketing tools and promoted publications led to a 403% increase in readership.


Different categories including fashion, fitness, music, world



Part of Hotel Monteleone’s success came from the way our teams communicated to share insights and come up with solutions. In order for a partner to truly invest, they have to see the value and understand the product. That’s why working closely with other teams, like the customer success, marketing, and product development, was so key. While every team operates differently, they all came together to work towards the same goal: a better guest experience.

That communication includes thinking strategically about the guest journey at each hotel – because they’re not all the same. Guests are real people with real needs, and those needs change all the time – by location, season, and even time of day. Anticipating guest needs and providing the right content at the right time can make all the difference.


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