Good news: now you can read Hearst Newspaper titles on PressReader

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In our quest to make the top journalism available everywhere, we’ve added the Hearst Newspaper titles from the US to our catalog.

That means you can read San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and 10 other newspapers from Hearst, one of the world’s most trusted and loved media groups, on PressReader. Whether you’re a subscriber or getting access to the catalog sponsored by one of our partners, you can find Hearst titles in our USA newspaper section.

Newspapers from Hearst on PressReader

If only we could give you Hearst Castle, too.

Our catalog is always growing. So, look out for more content updates on PressReader.

If you publish your own magazine, we can put it in front of readers all over the world. Let us know at

There’s a whole world of readers out there. Together, we can give them what they want.


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