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If there's one thing you can count on in the ever-evolving world of business travel, it's that someone is always going to come up with clever new terminology to cover each emerging trend.

To be honest, we were still getting used to bleisure, the clever portmanteau combining business and leisure that refers to a particular hybrid approach to work trips.

We're also still tickled by the fact that bleisure has been dubbed “mullet travel” by Wall Street Journal reporter Jacob Passy. That's some funny wordplay, but it makes sense; just as the mullet hairstyle can be described as “business in the front, party at the back”, a bleisure trip is often front-loaded with work duties, with a bit of time for rest and relaxation at the back end

Bleisure travel vs. paycation: what's the difference?

Here's another neologism that we have seen popping up recently: paycation.

How is it distinct from bleisure? In an article for Wealth of Geeks, Karyn Locke offers this explanation:

Bleisure travel is the idea of working away from a job with a few vacation days added at the beginning or end. As for a paycation, one is at a vacation destination and continues working. With a paycation, you’re not getting actual time off to travel but instead can throw in vacation-style fun for a few hours at a time.

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Meeting the needs of bleisure guests


Whatever terminology they choose to use, hospitality industry operators have found themselves doing more and more to entice business travelers (and digital nomads), especially since the COVID-19 pandemic showed the corporate world that not only is remote work possible at a large scale, but also that many employees consider it the more attractive option when compared with being chained to a desk in an office building.

To cater to the needs of bleisure travelers, hotels can implement various strategies and amenities to enhance their overall experience, both the working part and the leisure portion. Here are some suggestions:

Flexible check-in/check-out times: Offer flexibility around checking in and out in order to accommodate varying business schedules and allow guests to maximize their leisure time.

High-speed internet and business facilities: Provide reliable and high-speed internet access to cater to the business needs of guests. Business centers with printing, scanning and other office facilities can also be beneficial.

Meeting spaces: Offer well-equipped meeting spaces within the property to allow bleisure travelers to conduct business meetings without having to leave the premises.

Leisure facilities: Have on-site leisure facilities such as a gym, spa or swimming pool to help guests unwind after a day of business meetings.


Local information and concierge services: Provide information on local attractions, restaurants and entertainment options to help business guests make the most of their leisure time. (PressReader's Self-Pub feature is a great way to deliver this info.) Concierge services can assist in planning activities.

Business travel packages: Create special business trip packages that combine business amenities with leisure perks, such as a discounted corporate rate on extended stays or complimentary leisure activities.

Loyalty programs: Develop loyalty programs that offer benefits for both business and leisure stays, encouraging repeat business visits.

Workspace in rooms: Design rooms with functional workspaces, comfortable seating and ample charging outlets to cater to the business needs of bleisure travelers and digital nomads.

Flexible dining options: Provide flexible dining options, including room service, early breakfast and late-night dining to accommodate different schedules.

Wellness programs: Integrate health and well-being into the hotel experience by offering wellness programs, including yoga classes or mindfulness sessions, to help guests relax and reduce stress.

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News a bleisure traveler can use

Some people want to truly get away from it all when they go on vacation. Those who combine business and leisure travel, on the other hand, often prefer to keep up with the news that matters to them, including the latest from the financial and business worlds.

Hotels that offer PressReader as an amenity make it easy for guests to stay informed. Among the 7,000-plus international newspapers and magazines to be found on the world’s largest digital newsstand, PressReader has a number of publications that focus on the type of news and info that business and leisure travelers can use. Here are five of our favorites for your perusal:

Business Traveler

Business Traveler

It stands to reason that business travelers would be interested in a magazine called Business Traveler, right? The US edition promises to keep readers in the know on "buzz-worthy entrepreneurs, personalities, business innovation, travel trends, and unforgettable destinations to visit." The current issue of Business Traveler features a year-end roundup of the best airlines, airports, hotels and travel services.

Fast Company


With a focus on the most progressive business leaders, Fast Company explores innovative ideas in tech, design, creativity and leadership. The magazine says it "inspires readers to think expansively, lead with purpose, embrace change, and shape the future of business". In other words, it makes for perfect reading on business trips for forward-thinking entrepreneurial types.



When renowned American magazine magnate Henry Luce founded Fortune in 1929, he wrote that he intended it to be “the Ideal Super-Class Magazine” for “wealthy and influential people.” Of course, you don't necessarily need to have attained a position of wealth and influence to read Fortune, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have ambitions in that direction. Touting that its reporting is grounded in "a global perspective, the guiding wisdom of history, and an unflinching eye to the future", Fortune is aimed squarely at a readership of leaders who are shaping industry, commerce and society around the world.

Foreign Affairs


Foreign Affairs is published by the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization set on improving the understanding of US foreign policy and international affairs. The most recent issue features in-depth and incisive essays on (among other topics) how the US must adapt its foreign policy to face the demands of a changing world, and the various ways artificial intelligence is transforming the military.



Inc. is an American business magazine that is perhaps best known for its annual rankings of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States, called the "Inc. 500" and "Inc. 5000". A recent edition featured a cover story about wellness-industry founding father Deepak Chopra, who explains how he has made opportunities out of obstacles throughout his entrepreneurial career.

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