Hotels can boost guest engagement with PressReader's Self-Pub feature

Hotels can boost guest engagement with PressReader's Self-Pub feature

There’s no question that travel has become a high-tech activity, and this is especially true of the hospitality sector. In the past several years, hotels have transformed how they interact with guests, from check-in to check-out and most points in between. Public-health concerns around COVID-19 certainly accelerated the adoption of contactless tech, but the digital transformation of hospitality was already well underway, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

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Guests have come to appreciate — and even expect — the convenience that technology can deliver before and during a hotel stay. In fact, according to a recent Hospitality Technology study, “Technology has become an integral part of the guest experience and a determinant of guest satisfaction and loyalty.” 

Travelers will pay more for the tech they seek 

According to that study, 76% of survey respondents reported that they would be willing to pay a premium (in the form of a slightly higher room rate) for technology features that are important to them. Here are a few other key findings: 

  • 73% of respondents embrace the use of mobile devices to make reservations and interact with a hotel. 
  • 91% said they were more likely to choose a hotel that offers free WiFi over one that doesn’t. 
  • 73% said they were likely to return to a hotel that offers tech features that they consider important. 

Give your guests the power of choice 

More and more hotels are discovering not only the added value that PressReader can bring to their guests’ stay but also the ways it can streamline their operations. Readers can browse content from more than 7,000 of the world’s best newspapers and magazines online or download entire issues using the PressReader app, right on their own phone, tablet, or computer. This puts the power of choice in your guests’ hands and gives them more value for their hard-earned travel dollar.   

Going digital means you get to offer more selection for your guests—effortlessly. By providing guests with up-to-date content they love in a paperless format, PressReader can take the work of selecting, purchasing, and distributing hard copies of publications off of the plates of employees who already have their hands full with other duties.  

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Boost engagement with a few simple steps 

PressReader is more than just a way to give guests access to third-party content. With PressReader’s Self-Pub feature, hotels can also share their own content. Digitize and upload your hotel collateral to the front page of PressReader to further engage your readers with newsletters, offers, and more. Boost guest engagement by sharing hotel directories, restaurant and bar menus, and even a list of local attractions.  

Upload your content in just a few simple steps: 

  • Log into your PressReader for Business account 
  • Select the HotSpot where you would like to publish your content 
  • Click on Upload Custom Content 
  • Drag and drop your PDF file (up to 100MB) onto the screen and give your content a name 
  • Click to Upload and Publish (you can publish up to 3 files at the same time) 

PressReader does it all for you 

When your guests open PressReader, they’ll be greeted by your latest Self-Pub content, ensuring they see important updates and news before they begin browsing the app’s catalog of publications. There’s no need to spend resources digitizing your collateral. PressReader does it for you, all in one familiar platform.  

The simple drag-and-drop tool is easy for staff, gentle on your bottom line, and effective in providing one more contactless way to connect with guests. They’ll value having digitized menus, directories and, of course, newspapers and magazines delivered every day and will appreciate your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. 

Learn more about how you can build internal efficiencies all while strengthening your guest engagement with PressReader Self-Pub. 

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