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Whether they’re curling up with the Sunday paper and a coffee or keeping in the loop about the latest in the business world, having access to the latest and greatest news content is an expectation for most travelers. Is it any surprise that so many hospitality brands and hotel business partners have turned to digital newsstand solutions to keep guests informed and entertained? Offering access to publications from around the world, it’s a modern amenity that instantly elevates a hotel stay — but not all platforms are created equal.  

When it comes to choosing a digital newsstand for guests, the competition is admittedly tight — hotels have dozens of brands to choose from — and yet PressReader remains a favorite in the tourism industry, thanks to a few key differentiators. Here’s how PressReader stands out from the crowd and helps savvy hotel business partners do the same.  

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Stepping up the sustainability 

The print waste that can be reduced by the shift from hardcopies to digital content is immeasurable. While it’s true that technology isn’t a perfect solution to environmental sustainability, PressReader does empower hotels to reduce emissions from distribution and recycling. And with sustainability in hospitality proving to be more important than ever to guests, it’s an attractive feature to hammer home in marketing messages.  

Offering high volume and high value 

PressReader offers over 7,000 titles in its library: a number that blows so many digital newsstand competitors out of the water, while still offering competitive pricing. It’s an impressive value — even more so when you consider how complex and expensive it would be to bring in physical print copies of every single title your guests were interested in. Going digital gets our hospitality partners much more for much less.  

Treating your guests right 

Your hotel is all about giving guests the royal treatment — why shouldn’t your content offering do the same? With an impressive and intuitive user-friendly design, PressReader delivers its 7,000-plus titles elegantly and effortlessly. The premium reading experience and access to high-quality journalism all on one platform helps guests feel connected and catered to throughout their stay with access to trusted publications all in one platform. Plus, with unlimited downloads, users can enjoy PressReader’s content on the go, whether or not they’re connected to the hotel WiFi.  

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Sharing your own content 

Using PressReader’s self-publishing feature, our hotel business partners can share consistent messages in the platform itself: one more channel to connect with guests. You want a stay at your hotel to be memorable, so use PressReader to grab your customer’s attention early and keep it throughout their stay. Deliver restaurant and spa menus, or your hotel’s own in-house magazine, right in the app alongside other publications your guests know and love. Or, use the in-app welcome message and subtle branding opportunities to serve up key messages at just the right moments.  

Letting your guests play curator 

Thanks to PressReader’s personalized content feeds, guests can enjoy a hyper-customized catalog each time they open it. From over 7,000 titles, readers can pull together a list of favorites and choose what they want to read (so you don’t have to!) With access to Bloomberg Businessweek, The Washington Post, Elle, and Rolling Stone and beyond, they can access all their favorites as they build a customized feed.  

Creating an innovative reputation 

A hotel that uses a digital newsstand like Pressreader is one that comes across as progressive and innovative. With mobile-friendly reading technology, instant translation and radiant access features, PressReader helps to position forward-looking hotels as cutting-edge properties.  

Cultivating a global connection 

PressReader proudly carries the largest collection of newspapers and magazines from around the world, including a unique selection of daily news content at a regional level. So, wherever your guests are from, and whatever corner of the world they’re interested in, they’re sure to find what they’re looking for in the PressReader catalog. Whether they’re keeping up to date with information from back home or searching for local arts and culture to explore on their travels, the global library of titles offers a wealth of content from near and far. Plus, PressReader’s translation feature makes it easy to dig into content produced in other languages so that travelers can always read in their native tongues.  

Diving into insights 

The beauty of digital newsstand access for many of our hotel business partners is the insights provided through PressReader Analytics. Knowing guests’ tastes in magazines and news can provide valuable information about the passions of your target market. Use regular updates on reading behavior to learn more about who’s staying with you, and craft messages and plan services that appeal to their specific interests.  

Yes, there are lots of digital newsstand options out there, but our hotel business partners can attest that PressReader blows the competition out of the water with a robust content library, innovative and intuitive platform, and a commitment to innovation and connection like no other. 

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