How hotels can streamline delivery of information and updates


"Are we there yet?" It’s a safe bet no one enjoys being asked this question. The backseat passenger’s impatience is outdone only by the driver’s frustration. But in our new and challenging reality, this anxiousness isn’t limited to restless passengers. For travelers and industry professionals alike, the destination (in this case, post-pandemic life) can’t come soon enough. Not surprisingly, travelers will find many things different than they remember — and most of these changes will be welcomed.

The last year and a half have inspired many changes in hotel services, including rethinking the amenities offered to guests. With the advances in technology and accessibility available to hotels worldwide, more individuals than ever are making plans to travel, including those who may not have had the opportunity before. Hotels have adapted to changing guest requirements and expectations to ensure they deliver memorable experiences for all guests, safely and sustainably.

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The technology available to better serve all guests now includes digitized hotel information and updates, as well as newspapers and magazines. These amenities are quickly becoming as expected as automating room temperature and lighting, streaming services, mobile check-in and contactless payments. In fact, Skift and Oracle’s 2020 research found that a majority of hotels were making or considering changes to their digital messaging services (79%), self-service check-in procedures (67%) and training procedures for staff (88%). Among the many benefits for the hospitality industry is the cost savings that come with digitizing materials that otherwise need to be manually distributed. Not to mention that environmentally conscious travelers appreciate the sustainability perks: less waste, less energy and safer, too!

Hotel collateral and 7000+ publications delivered daily. Now that's room service.

These days, guest engagement is both verb and noun: not only is it a path to brand loyalty, it’s also experiential. If there’s anything we’ve taken from the many lessons of 2020 and 2021, it’s the important role digital engagement tools play in creating memorable customer experiences.

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With PressReader’s Self-Pub, sharing your own content has never been easier. You can digitize and upload your hotel collateral to the front page of PressReader to further engage your readers with newsletters, offers and more. Sharing hotel directories, restaurant and bar menus, and even a list of local attractions are just a few of the ways 5-star hotels and resorts make the most of the platform. And not only does this technology boost guest engagement, it also streamlines hotel operations, creating efficiency for hotel teams and ensuring timely information to guests.

“Digitalization was a big differentiator [in 2020],” said Florian Daniel, Chief Information Officer at Steigenberger Hotels. “We introduced a lot of contactless technologies, that was a key takeaway. And then obviously how quickly we could roll out the new [technologies] to our hotels.”


When guests open PressReader, they’ll be greeted by your latest Self-Pub content, ensuring they see important updates and news before they begin browsing the app’s catalog of publications. There’s no need to spend resources digitizing your collateral. PressReader does it for you, all in one familiar platform. The simple drag and drop tool is easy for staff, gentle on your bottom line and effective in providing one more contactless way to connect with guests. They’ll value having digitized menus, directories and, of course, newspapers and magazines delivered every day and will appreciate your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint.

Learn more about how you can build internal efficiencies all while strengthening your guest engagement with PressReader Self-Pub.

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