Introducing: The next chapter of the PressReader brand


When we started our journey back in 1999, our vision was to keep people connected to stories from home when they traveled. Now, as we celebrate 25 years of PressReader, that vision has grown massively. 

What began as a print-on-demand service has become the leading global all-you-can-read platform, with 7,000+ titles from 1,500+ publishers in nearly 60 languages.  

Today, PressReader is everywhere: in homes, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, libraries, universities, lobbies, waiting rooms and more. We continue to give curious minds access to the stories they care about — exactly where and when they want them.  

And as we mark this important milestone, we felt it only natural to launch the next chapter of the PressReader brand.  

In other words: to reflect our evolution over the last quarter century, we’re evolving the look and feel of our brand. 


Expanding our brand ecosystem  

So, what’s different?  

At our core, nothing. We’re still committed to enriching and empowering curious minds — and that purpose is still very much at the root of our product and our brand. (This is why we haven’t changed our logo.) 

What is changing is how we present ourselves. We’ve evolved the PressReader look and feel to reflect how far we’ve come, the variety of our partnerships and offerings, and our ongoing promise to bring a universe of quality content within reach to everyone. 

Here’s what that looks like.  

A new look 

The visual PressReader brand is keeping its logo and core green — but we’ve made some fun additions.  

  • An expanded color palette. We’re adding to the PressReader color palette with a spectrum of cold and warm hues, to add more dimension to our visuals.  
  • Color gradients. We’ve incorporated gradients in how we use color, making our designs more dynamic to represent how readers access PressReader.  
  • Graphics that depict movement. PressReader users are often in motion, and we’re reflecting that with graphic elements such as swirls, strokes and arcs.  
  • Adding to our selection of visuals. We want to show the many ways in which users can access PressReader, including the device of their choice, text-to-speech listening mode and more. 

All of these elements are meant to add variety and diversity to our design. This is a testament to the diversity of our global audience, the breadth of PressReader’s publications and languages, and our team members. 


A new overarching feel 

This brand update is about more than just a new look and feel. In addition to the visual elements, we’re making intentional choices — in our brand voice, communication style and more — that uphold our four core attributes as a brand: 

  • Boundless. We remove barriers, providing access to global perspectives, contexts, languages and interests. 
  • Connected. We lead together. We connect people and places, helping our readers and partners better engage with the world around them. 
  • Dynamic. We solve for tomorrow. We constantly pursue opportunities to increase accessibility, convenience and value for all. 
  • Compelling. We ignite passions. We stay curious and strive to reimagine what’s possible in our industry. 

These four attributes reflect a promise to keep growing, adapting and improving with each passing year. As we look towards the next 25 years, we’re committed to building deeper relationships with our partners, exploring new content opportunities and empowering more curious minds around the globe.  

25th-Anniversary-PressReader-use of implied devices

Looking towards the future — without forgetting our past 

We’re excited to roll out the brand across our website and assets over the coming months. In the meanwhile, learn more about the PressReader brand and everything we’ve done in the last 25 years here.

Learn more about how our partners use PressReader to help their customers and  clients stay up to date by providing them with access to an unmatched global  selection of content. 

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