Maximizing patron engagement: How PressReader enriches your library's user experience


The modern public library is a really a community gathering place, where patrons come to learn, to meet with like-minded people and sometimes just to hang out.

For library staff, engaging patrons means not just providing great collections of reading material and other resources; to get patrons excited about engaging with library services, branches must think outside the book.

PressReader is here to help.

Here are a few ways librarians can use the digital content platform to boost patron engagement.

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Keeping communities informed

Libraries that offer PressReader are able to provide patrons with access to more than 7,000 high-quality publications from around the world, all on one easy-to-use digital platform.  

Your patrons are diverse. So is our content.

On PressReader, users will find newspapers and magazines covering topics that range from business, science and technology to art and design, and from breaking news to sports and entertainment. 

Because PressReader’s catalog includes titles from more than 120 countries in over 60 different languages, it lets readers from all over the world stay connected to what’s happening locally and back home, and helps solidify the library's position as an inclusive space for all members of the community.

Engagement for the public good

Providing access to trustworthy journalism can also support a library's media literacy campaigns. This is an important consideration; the American Library Association considers "public good" to be one of the core values of librarianship:

Public good is working to improve society and protect the rights to education, literacy, and intellectual freedom. Libraries are an essential public good and are fundamental institutions in democratic societies. Library workers provide the highest service levels to create informed, connected, educated, and empowered communities.

Drive engagement with Self-Pub

Of course, PressReader is more than just a way to give patrons access to third-party newspapers and magazines. With PressReader’s Self-Pub feature, libraries can also create and share their own content. Digitize and upload your own newsletters, announcements, and other publications to the front page of PressReader to inform — and increase engagement with — library users.   

When you use Self-Pub, your audience of library patrons will be greeted by your latest content as soon as they open PressReader, ensuring they see important updates and news before they begin browsing the app’s collection of publications.

Self-Pub content could include any of the following:

  • a calendar of events

  • information about workshops and other library programs

  • links to the library's social media platforms

  • lists of book recommendations for readers of all interests

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Engaging patrons wherever they are

If public libraries had one major takeaway from COVID-19, it was the value of enabling patrons to access library services and resources even when they could not do so in person. During the height of pandemic lockdowns, when a visit to a brick-and-mortar branch was not an option, many patrons continued to make use of their local public libraries’ online resources from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Accessed remotely through the library’s own portal, digital platforms such as PressReader became an important way for libraries to ensure that their users could find essential news stories and up-to-date information from trusted sources. 

Physical branches reopened long ago, but the increased demand for online resources continues. To help meet that demand, PressReader is accessible to readers wherever they may be. Patrons who visit their local library in person can log in using the branch's Wi-Fi.

Those off-site can use whichever secure authentication method their library has chosen to sign in and then access the catalog using their PressReader account on their own device.  

More to explore

These are just a few ways that libraries can use PressReader to maximize patron engagement. For more ideas, please check out our previous blog articles.


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