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Sometimes the publications you want to read are in a different language.  

Our newest feature — Auto-Translate* — makes that a thing of the past. It can be used to read (almost) any publication in a chosen language, allowing you or your users to get more out of PressReader. 

What is Auto-Translate? 



The Auto-Translate feature allows iOS app users to automatically translate full publications in Text View from an origin language into their selected language. 

What is Auto Translate

  • In the app, open your desired publication.
  • In Text View, click on the the three-dot menu and select Translate

Auto translate

  • If the user selects “Yes”, all other articles in the publication will be auto-translated from the original language to the selected language. 
  • Other downloaded publications in the same origin (e.g. English) language will be translated to the destination language (e.g., German) automatically. 
  • If the user selects “No”, only the individual article is translated. The other articles in the publication will remain in the original language. 
  • If the user selects “Don’t show this again”, it will turn off the “Prompt to save languages” and will not prompt the user in subsequent languages. 



How to Manage Language Preferences


  • Language Pairing settings 
  • Saved Language pairings will be stored, and can be deleted here.  
  • Up to 3 language pairings can be set.  
  • If the user requests more than 3 language pairings, the user will be prompted to manage their saved language pairings  

How can this help you?

  1. More quality content, within reach.
  2. Manage your settings only once.
  3. Understand topics of interest better, right from the source.
  4. Make better decisions by accessing a broader perspective.

Questions? Please email our Customer support.


This feature is currently available on paid plans in select countries on iOS and Android.


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