How PressReader is helping libraries connect with patrons and students


Libraries are so much more than quiet corners filled with books. They’re resource hubs full of new technology.  They’re a place where everyone is welcome, no matter who they are or where they come from. They’re entire communities.

COVID-19 closures haven’t stopped libraries from being all of those things, from a distance. Libraries all over the world have been using online resources like PressReader to help their patrons and students bring the library experience home.

At PressReader, we’ve been working closely with our library partners to offer their communities a trusted source for news, updated information, and entertainment during these uncertain times. 


A tweet from Westerville Library explaining that their patrons can access international content

Remote Access

With remote access, communities can get all the PressReader content they’d normally find at the library, even when they’re not in its four walls.

Students use it for their research and learning. News buffs use it to stay on top of current events. Daily readers use it to catch up on their favorite publications, or discover something entirely new.

Remote access makes it possible for patrons and students to use PressReader from anywhere, at any time, all on their own devices.  

The use of personal devices limits the touching and sharing that comes with traditional reading material —reducing virus spread, and increasing hygiene.  



Connecting is simple

Patrons and students can access PressReader’s entire catalog using their library card. 



A resource for students

With classes gone virtual and libraries closing their physical doors, this is uncharted territory for many students. They count on their local library to be a place they can do research, find focus, and hit the books. Access to a digital source of trusted and vetted information is essential now more than ever. Libraries are using PressReader to give students in every discipline access to over 25 different content categories like business, science, technology, art, design, and more. And, with the ability to search across more than 7,000 publications, students are sure to find the right sources to support their research, and their learning. 



Information and entertainment for patrons 

Patrons use the library in all kinds of ways: as a meeting place for friends, to escape with a good book, to stay up to date with news, a go-to place to take the kids for afternoon activities, and as a quiet sanctuary to focus their attention and get some work done. Libraries are working hard to take that experience online. And at PressReader, we’re supporting wherever we can. We’re helping libraries set up remote access, so their patrons can choose content from over 7,000 publications from more than 120 countries. 



Fashion and style readers can start working on their post-isolation looks. Pop culture experts can keep up with, well, pop culture. Those looking to spruce up their home and garden can find a ton of inspiration. Parents can share educational and entertaining content with their kids. Hobby readers can pick and choose from thousands of crafts. Those looking to learn to learn about the world can flip through science and history publications. No matter who you are or what you’re into, there’s a community for you on PressReader. 


Librarians = local superheroes

PressReader’s technology has gone a long way in connecting patrons and students to the content they need. But none of that would be possible without the hardworking and dedicated librarians, and library staff. Not only do they guide patrons and students to the right content, but they do it while teaching media literacy and helping readers separate fact from fiction. One thing’s for sure: our communities just wouldn’t be the same without them.

“It’s been amazing to see how librarians still have to be that bridge between people and information. We would not be able to run a library nearly as well as we are without technology, but ultimately it still comes down to that person-to-person contact for it to work. It’s all about the people.”

Mack Zalin

Librarian, Johns Hopkins University


Social distancing shouldn’t mean disconnection

We’re doing our part to keep libraries connected to their communities, students connected to a trusted sources for research and learning, and patrons connected to information and entertainment from around the world. Just another way #PressReaderCares.

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