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With Spring in full swing, it's time to start planning more time outdoors. Concerned about the travel restrictions? Think again. You can stay local and break away from the crowds. Keep reading to find new ideas on PressReader.

Find your next destination...

Park & Holiday Home Inspiration-Caravan-Campervan-Camping

In need of a change of scenery but travelling is still out of reach? Flip through the pages of this selection of outdoor living magazines. If you love the great outdoors, you'll love Camping, Britain's only monthly dedicated to life under canvas. The best part: Camping is written by campers, for campers.
Looking for more mobility? Check Caravan and Campervan - or both! Caravan has been inspiring readers for over 80 years with top holiday ideas in the UK and overseas. Campervan will take you even further. Read about the trip of a lifetime from Nairobi to Johannesburg that one of its contributors took aboard a makeshift campervan.
Ready for a bigger, more permanent commitment? Find everything your need to know about holiday, residential and retirement options on Park & Holiday Home Inspiration.

Indulge in luxury lifestyle...

Dream Escape

Dream Escape Magazine's very first issue will take you around the UK and Ireland exploring the very best tailormade travel experiences and exclusive properties, that are specially hand-picked by Dream Escape, a leading travel design company and destination specialist. Through its pages, you will find travel news, off-the-beaten-track destinations, and themed itineraries normally off-limits to the public. Our favourite pick? Eilean Shona, a private Scottish island paradise, where days are filled with wild swimming, reading, hiking, picnicking and kayaking. The best part: you can dream of it with your eyes wide open and glued to this magazine.

Nest in style...

ELLE Decoration

No place is like home, so if going out safely is not an option, curl up on your favourite chair or couch and open ELLE DECORATION's latest issue. Discover what living in style looks like in Canada, where long winters call for warmth and comfort. On this issue, you will find inspiring ways to bring the outside in and vice-versa. How do Canadians blur the lines between the great outdoors and gorgeous decorations? Hint: they look for inspiration from Italy, Florida, and Danish hygge.

Keep up with the news...

O Tempo-Super Notícia

Brazilian newspaper O Tempo is one of the most recent additions to the local news landscape. Founded in 1996, it quickly became a reference point in its state, Minas Gerais, and across Brazil. O Tempo is the eighth largest newspaper in circulation in the country and the fourth among quality newspapers. O Tempo focuses on political and economic news with an emphasis on how the themes relate to the state and its population. Super Notícia is another newspaper from Minas Gerais that quickly exceeded expectations. Less than 20 years old, today this tabloid is the print outlet with the largest circulation in Brazil.

Celebrate soccer culture...


Staantribune is the first and only Dutch magazine about soccer culture. Published bimonthly, Staantribune celebrates the great players and teams of all times. The latest issue's cover features Dutch champion Ruud Gullit wearing the colours of Italian team Sampdoria in 1993. Yes, Staantribune is published in Dutch. And yes, you can still read it using our automatic translation feature!

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