The Atlantic joins PressReader’s growing catalog of quality journalism

The Atlantic joins PressReader's growing catalog of quality journalism

The Atlantic joins PressReader and extends its reach to millions of readers around the globe through PressReader’s B2B distribution network. Since 1857, The Atlantic has been a magazine of ideas—known for bringing clarity and original thinking to the most important issues of the moment.

The Atlantic has earned record audiences and numbers of subscribers through its exacting coverage of the pandemic and this historic moment. The Atlantic’s magazine and website were chosen as the year’s best by Adweek in 2020.

The Atlantic is now part of PressReader’s growing catalog of top publications, including leading titles such as The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Wired, Vogue, Forbes, and Newsweek.

With the partnership, The Atlantic will target thought-leaders among PressReader’s subscribers and guests of PressReader’s partners in the hospitality, aviation, and marine industries.

“PressReader is pleased to offer subscribers more content to enhance their reading experience. A highly respected and trusted name in publishing, The Atlantic’s premium magazine expands our growing catalog of the world’s best newspapers and magazines. Our partnership with The Atlantic is a continued testament to the unique value we deliver to our brand partners and their customers around the world,” notes Steve Chapman, Vice President of Content Partnerships at PressReader.

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