Our mission remains the same: introducing #PressReaderCares


Over the past several weeks and months, we’ve collectively experienced confusing times, but we’ve also seen the world come together in amazing ways. The PressReader team has been watching these stories closely, and it’s motivated us to make a positive impact in any way that we can. We’ve been busy behind the scenes working with our partners and readers to ensure that our global community — guests, patrons, passengers, healthcare workers — everybody, stays connected to a trusted source of quality journalism, entertainment, and a great way to stay sane while doing their part to flatten the curve. 


How PressReader is connecting its readers

Navigating these uncertain times can be stressful; accessing quality trusted news shouldn’t. That’s why we’ve recently launched a new channel on our platform called COVID-19. It’s a news feed of all the latest stories from international publishers around the world, which we’ve also made available as a free digital newspaper called COVID-19 News. Both sources are a convenient way to access the world’s top news from over 120 countries in 60 languages, all in one place.

Staying informed is great, but we know the importance of disconnecting too. We invite you to take a break from the news, and kick back with a magazine from over 25 different categories. Whether you want to flip through GQ and start planning your next iconic look, read Rolling Stone to see what your favorite rock stars are up to, pick up Modern Cat and learn to speak the same language as Whiskers, or grab a pattern in Simply Crochet to create something beautiful for your loved-ones — however you choose to disconnect, there’s a community for you on PressReader. 

Whether you want to #StayInStayInformed or relax, we’ve got your covered. With the acquisition of News360 and their personalization technology, we’ve improved the PressReader experience to cater your news feed to the content you want most. And with over 7,000 publications, that’s a lot of content. 


How PressReader is working with business partners

We’ve come up with a few creative ways to support our business partners during this time. We’ve given PressReader access to hundreds of thousands of people through our library, hospitality, marine, and airline partners — keeping them entertained and informed while in isolation. And, as part of the COVID-19 taskforce of the World Travel & Tourism Council, we’re sharing best practices and actively participating in the crisis impact strategy. Right now, it’s all about supporting our partners in any that way we can. If you’re a business, library, or institution currently operating in or part of a containment plan — let’s chat!


How PressReader is supporting employees 

It’s our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for our teams, and as guided by the advice of our government, we’re doing just that. To help flatten the curve, we’ve enabled our staff to work remotely and are confident that the measures put in place will allow them to continue to provide you with the service and responsiveness you expect from us. With a little help from online platforms, video calling, virtual hangouts, and good old fashioned picking up the phone, we’re staying connected and unified.


Our mission remains the same

Our mission at PressReader has always been to improve the way people discover the stories that matter to them. And that’s exactly what we’ll continue to do. You’ll be seeing more from us in online spaces sharing inspiring stories, connecting people to sources of news and entertainment they can trust, and supporting our business partners however we can. 

We’re proud to have you along on this journey with us. Because most of all, #PressReaderCares about you.


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