Trends in Digital Publishing: Why Multimedia Matters

Words are no longer enough to keep readers satisfied. What are you doing to captivate and retain readers’ attention?

As content choices and reading behaviours are changing, the use of online video and multimedia content is on the rise. However, it is only recently that some publishers are starting to integrate multimedia into their digital editions.…

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iOS 8 App Compatibility Update

It is fair to say that Apple has seen better days… Its new iOS 8 release has not received the warm welcome it expected and it is no secret that it has disappointed more than one. It just shows how sensitive technology can be.…

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Agree or Disagree? Influencing opinions & starting engaging discussions

Do you have an opinion? We want to help you build a community of like-minded readers who share your unique perspective!

Introducing, Opinions. This month, PressReader has launched this prototype feature, reshaping the world of social networking. The idea is allowing readers to take a stand on issues that matter to them and build their opinion, by uniting fellow supporters and backing their viewpoint with articles supporting their stance.…

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PressReader now FIPP’s brand partner

Exciting announcement! We are absolutely thrilled to partner with FIPP – the worldwide magazine media association, to help support its members in their growth in audience and distribution, and development of multi-platform strategies.

FIPP’s brand partnership with PressReader will enable our members to access thousands of titles from all over the world, at the touch of a button.

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Lead the way: 4 ways your library can evolve and thrive in the future

1. Embrace sustainability.
As long-standing community resources, libraries are well placed to drive a focus on sustainability, both within their own operations and as community leaders. Groups like the Ivy Plus Sustainability Working Group are leading the sustainability charge in academic libraries, while public libraries around the world are embracing local green initiatives and community education.…

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