PressReader has content for everyone, even the kids.


We all know this time of the year. Back to school is in full swing, fall is here, and the holidays will slowly creep up sooner than we expect. But not in the same way we're all-too-familiar with. With most countries still affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic, some kids learn at home full-time, while others are back to classrooms under safety precautions. No matter how kids will be spending the next few months, PressReader is here to support them, and their parents, with content for education and entertainment. 

Elementary-aged kids

Let's start with the youngest of the bunch. Kids in this age group are most likely to pick up educational content if it's fun, engaging, and visually appealing. We've got it covered. In our Kids & Tweens section, kids will find the content they want to read and the activities they want to engage with. From puzzles and science to animals and the outdoors there's something for all interests. The more options, the better for this group who seem to change their 'new favorite thing' weekly. We get it dinosaurs and bugs ARE hard to choose between. 


Teens and Tweens

They're all about discovering what they like, what they don't, and which passions they want to build on. It's a time for exploration. So give them the freedom to explore topics in any category. For the transition from childhood to teenage years, they can still dabble in the Kids and Tweens category. They can learn all about camping and the outdoors, science and animals, and even fashion and style. 

For older students, there's a world of content to choose from. For the creatives, there are a ton of categories to dive into, like Art, Music, and Photography. Or teens can read up on Business, Computers, and Technology. Whether it's for a class or their interests, they'll find it on PressReader. 

Share between devices

It's not just kids who can benefit from a PressReader account. Parents have the world's trusted newspapers and beautiful glossy magazines all on their own devices available anywhere, at any time. It's all on-demand. And the best part is, PressReader can be shared on up to 5 devices. So if you're using your phone, you can share your tablet with your kids and give them some reading time. No matter their age group, there's something for every child on PressReader.



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