Using digital touch points to surprise and delight guests

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Using digital touch points to surprise and delight guests

Customer experience matters. With the variety of options available in hospitality, how can you stand out? Your brand needs to make emotional connections to your guests and create longstanding, loyal relationships. They’re willing to pay for it – now it’s time to deliver.

But what if that experience falls flat? The vast majority of customers who’ve stopped doing business with an organization due to a poor experience began doing business with a competitor. You simply can’t afford to not compete at every touchpoint. Because if you’re not providing the best experience, someone else will.

Don’t let anyone call your hotel dull. Build the best hotel experience at these digital touch points:


Using digital touch points to surprise and delight guests



Start building the relationship before your guests step through your doors. It’s important to know your guests. To learn their likes and dislikes. So you can anticipate their needs and create a personalized experience just for them. To really wow them.

With the decline of the travel agent, your website is often the first touchpoint for many. So make it the best. Fill it with useful information, while keeping it easy to navigate and quick to load – especially on mobile. This is where your guests decide to stay with you, so pull them into an inviting experience with a clear call to action.

But your pre-stay engagement isn’t done, because your guests expect more – so give it to them. And you can give them more in simple ways like sending them a welcome email thanking them for choosing you and giving them details about services they care about. Imagine gifting your guests a free movie rental, or access to PressReader. So they can engage with content they care about, courtesy of your hotel. That’s a great way to kick off their trip.


At your hotel

Your most influential touch points are at your hotel. It’s where your team can fully engage your guests to make real connection – with new technology, industry insights, or both. This is really your time to shine. So go ahead and show off.

Your guest’s stay isn’t a series of tasks to complete. It’s a total sensory experience curated by you. Elevate that experience any way you can – just make sure your messaging is consistent! Use physical signage and print flyers for direct to consumer advertising. Promote your services, give special offers, and solidify your brand values through materials in your lobby, and in every room. You can even use your dozens of digital screens to promote your services through in-room digital slides, in your lobby, or at your business center.

Go fully digital and meet their needs with partner services like Netflix and PressReader. Make it easy to get their hands on them by making services available right on their own device. Platforms like PressReader simply require them to download the app and sign in to your hotel’s WiFi network for full access to over 7000 premium newspapers and magazines. It’s that easy.

Does your hotel have an app? Go one step beyond and build partnerships with app integration. Not only will you drive traffic to your app, you’ll be able to control the messaging, customize the experience, and provide full content offerings through a single touch. It’s a seamless experience built for your guests, and one they won’t soon forget.



You’ve connected with your guests. You’ve offered them the best experience you can provide. And they loved it. None of that will count for much if you don’t have a great post-stay experience. At this point, your guests should know who you are, your core values, and be open to your communication. Now it’s about reinforcing your brand so that guests will want to return to relive the unforgettable experience they had at your property.

The best way to reach guests post-stay is through a personalized email. You can extend access to their favorite services and collect valuable feedback, all packaged with a custom message. Post-stay engagement is a crucial step in retaining guests and earning repeat business. Take the opportunity to turn this touchpoint into a lasting positive moment.

It can get people talking. And that matters. 74% of people trust social networks to guide them to a purchase decision, while 49% of people rely on influencer recommendations. So build a reputation as a hotel that really cares about their guests and delivers the best guest experience. Word of mouth still carries massive weight, and can help foster an organic buzz around your brand.

The hospitality industry can be extremely competitive, and creating loyalty among customers takes more than discounts or rewards programs. Build a customized, lasting experience they’ll remember, and optimize your communication at each possible touchpoint. Because it’s that experience that sets you apart.


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