How to make the most of your summer reading with PressReader


Summer isn’t quite over yet. And we’re here to help you make the most of every last drop of sunshine, with a great piece of content in your hand. PressReader gives you access to over 7,000 digital newspapers and magazines like The Los Angeles Times, The Globe and Mail, GQ, Vogue, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek — to name just a few. Not only that, but the app is packed full of features that make for an even more personalized and convenient reading experience. Let’s dive into a few of them, and how they can help you take advantage of the rest of your summer.

Download and read offline

No need to burn through precious data to catch up on the news or flip through your favorite magazine. With PressReader, you can download as many titles as you want — so you can read offline wherever, and whenever you feel like. This is especially helpful for your off-the-grid cabin or a camping weekend with no service. So you can stay connected and entertained while you disconnect.

This feature is great if you’re a parent. For our little readers, there’s the Kids & Tweens category. It’s the perfect way to get them off the social media scroll and into something new, interesting, and even educational. So, keep kids or teen content downloaded on your device - It’s a tool to keep in your back pocket for those moments when your kids are looking for entertainment, or something to keep them busy this summer.


Listen to your favorites 

2020 was a huge year for podcasts. It goes to show that we as humans love listening to content. It feels more personal, it’s convenient, and it’s totally hands-free. Whatever the reason, PressReader’s got you covered. Have your content read to you at home, on the go, or during your summer downtime — like when you’re lounging on a beach or drying off from a lake day. Wherever you decide to listen, it’s just a few taps away on PressReader.


Content for every interest 

No matter what you’re into, you’ll find it it on PressReader. With over 25 different content categories like Fashion, Art, Design, Business, Science, Food and Drinks, and a ton more, there’s something for everyone. Here are just two of our current favorites:


We saw a big spike in Home and Garden and Crafts and Hobbies content this year. While we were all self-isolating indoors, many found it was the perfect time to upgrade their backyards, learn a new recipe, or pick up that knitting hobby they always meant to try. And it’s still not too late to jump on the bandwagon.


This one might seem odd, but hear us out. We know there isn’t too much travel happening right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a mental vacation. Choose a travel magazine on PressReader, flip though the stunning images and start planning your next trip or grand adventure. Imagine where you’ll go, what delicious foods you’ll eat, and what you’ll explore next. Go ahead — daydream a little. We encourage it. 

Make the last few moments count

Summer may be slowly wrapping up, but the summer reading momentum doesn't have to stop. So no matter if you’re spending your last few moments of the season by the ocean, in a tent, or staycationing at home, take PressReader with you to elevate your experience. The best part? It fits right in your pocket.

Try PressReader for yourself. Totally free for 7 days. Click here to start your free trial. 

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