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Hilton Cape Town (Hilton CT) sits at the heart of Cape Town’s city center, just a few blocks away from the water. As a newer hotel that opened its doors just a decade ago, it’s attracted a crowd of diverse guests and modern travelers – the majority from South Africa, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates.



With its 137 rooms, Hilton CT hosts about 67,000 guests per year across 45,000 nights. Impressive. With their huge range of guests, they were looking for amenities to serve specific needs.

Amenities needed to:

  • Keep up with the changing technological expectations in the hotel space.
  • Be user friendly while adding to the guest experience.
  • Be cost effective.
  • Be sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Marketing Efforts

Hilton CT understood that informing guests about hotel amenities is the best way to ensure they’re used. They marketed PressReader in the following ways:

  • Informed guests about PressReader upon check-in.
  • Displayed information about PressReader on digital screens on touch screen tablets upon check-in, and on in-room TV’s as soon as they were switched on.
  • Placed tent cards around the property, including in the restaurants.



With the right exposure, guests were not only aware of PressReader, but they used the platform in a way that supported Hilton CT’s goals: saved on costs of printed newspapers and magazines, provided user-friendly digital amenities that actually improved the guest experience, and did their part to save the planet.

Guests reported that the wide variety of choice they had to read and discover added relaxation to their stay.

“The amount of choice PressReader brings has had a positive impact on our guests. They love that they can view publications from their home countries on the same day they’re released, and they can read them even after they check out,” said Bobby Kausiyo, Front Office Manager at Hilton Cape Town.

And they were able to do all of this on their own devices which meant Hilton CT didn’t have to worry about sourcing newspapers and magazines, and the cost that came with daily print and delivery.  

“Thank you for giving us such an awesome service. We love PressReader and we will continue supporting it,” said Mr. Kausiyo. 

When we asked Hilton CT how they would describe the future of hotels, they gave us one word: Effortless. We agree. That’s exactly how the guest experience should be.

To learn more about how PressReader can make your guest experience effortless talk to sales.

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