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Effective May 28th, 2019, Texture, the digital magazine app, will no longer be available for Android users. Texture was acquired by Apple in 2018, and iOS users are now being encouraged to switch from Texture to an Apple News+ subscription.

“To continue reading, you’ll need a compatible Apple device,” Texture says in their FAQ – meaning Android users either need to switch to an iPhone, use an iPad or Macbook, or get their content from somewhere else.

For Android users, there are alternatives to Texture, but most come up short. Magzter and Readly only carry a limited selection of magazines and lack daily news content. Even Texture and Apple News are narrowly focused on US-based content and carry few, if any, international titles.

Then there’s PressReader, offering more than 7,000 global magazines and newspapers for one monthly subscription. (Shameless plug, it’s our product). That’s quite the upgrade from Texture’s catalogue of 200 mostly American magazines. With publications from more than 120 countries in more than 60 different languages, PressReader users simply get more.

PressReader does cost more, at $29.95 USD per month for unlimited access to the whole catalog. But for avid news and magazine readers, the extra value more than makes up for the difference in cost.

PressReader subscribers enjoy:

  • access to their favorite daily newspapers;
  • a much wider selection of magazines;
  • mobile-friendly reading technology;
  • instant translation; and
  • the knowledge that they’re supporting business model that supports and sustains quality journalism.

It’s a deal.

Not a heavy reader? You can skip the unlimited subscription and just buy individual issues.

PressReader is home to international publications offering diverse perspectives on today’s headlines. With major titles like The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Forbes, Vogue, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, The Globe & Mail and thousands more, PressReader’s wide range of content allows readers everywhere to stay on top of their go-to titles, and discover new favorites.

Our users can be confident they’re getting the best reading experience on the market. We do a lot of heavy lifting to make content interactive and easy to read on small screens. This provides you with a way better experience than just looking at flat replica PDFs, like you’re forced to do on other platforms.

Beyond the breadth of content and leading technology, PressReader’s business model supports a sustainable future for publishers. We believe in quality journalism, which is why we pay our publishers fairly so that they’re compensated when their content is read. We’re a little pricier because we also support international and local news outlets that produce full publications daily – a time consuming and expensive process that the other guys avoid by only supporting weekly and monthly magazines.

Change can be a good thing!  There are a few platforms out there, but none of them are able to offer what PressReader does. Over 7,000 newspapers and magazines. Publications from over 120 countries in more than 60 different languages. An unparalleled reading experience supported by killer technology.

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