The Insider: Around Asia with Tatler

Hold on to your hats folks, The Insider is taking a trip to the Far East.

We reached out to our friends at Edipresse Media Asia, publishers of the continent’s eight Tatler titles, to guide us in exploring the ideas and passions that fuel Asia.…

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News Flash! PressReader Never Used Flash

When the iPad was launched in 2010, the world was somewhat shocked and appalled about Steve Jobs’ “Flash Attack”, banning Adobe’s popular multi-media player from the iPad, claiming it was buggy and insecure.  It took five years for the rest of the world to share Jobs’ sentiments, but there’s no denying it now – Flash is about to fizzle out. …

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There's more to share in your Channel

We’ve added more ways to customize your Channel on! Your comments have always been shown on this page, but now you can also choose to include bookmarked articles from your public collections, bumped articles and bumped comments. This is a great way to demonstrate your engagement with the community on PressReader, and easily associate yourself with stories, and articles and comments that you support.…

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