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There's a better model than the Apple News one

From PressReader, the original Netflix for news A new player officially joined the world of on-demand news platforms ...

Hotel Monteleone and PressReader pair up to bring guests an integrated reading experience

Background Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans partnered with PressReader to give every one of its guests an integrated, ...

Your cruise or ferry needs digital newspapers and magazines. Here’s why.

Some cruise and ferry lines think offering their guests newspapers and magazines is a perk of the past. We’re here to ...

How airlines can grow loyalty with their community through quality content

This article was originally posted in The Insider

PressReader partners with Turkish Airlines, the world’s largest carrier

Passengers now get access to more than 7,000 global newspapers and magazines, all in one app  

Using digital touch points to surprise and delight guests

Customer experience matters. With the variety of options available in hospitality, how can you stand out? Your brand ...

One easy, actionable way to create a more personalized experience on board

Everyone’s talking about personalized experiences on board their cruise ships. They’re talking about giving the ...

What libraries can learn from WeWork

Co-working spaces aren’t revolutionary when we consider that libraries have been providing this service forever. And ...

Creating community on cruises through content

This article was originally posted in The Insider

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