Inside: Dish

Who doesn’t love spring? In this issue of Inside, we get a taste of New Zealand spring with a collection of recipes that highlight the season’s freshest produce. Don’t feel left out if you are in the Northern Hemisphere like us.…

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In programmatic, you get what you pay for

The explosive growth of programmatic is both amazing and scary at the same time. It’s become the new shiny tool for publishers looking for a quick buck and advertisers wanting effortless access to inventory.

The trend towards automating advertising across all mediums makes one wonder when all content will be swept up by the programmatic wave and be crafted, curated and consumed programmatically.…

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Importante mise à jour de sécurité

Chez PressReader, la Sécurité est primordiale.

La semaine dernière nous avons mis à jour les niveaux de sécurité de nos pages internet. Certains utilisateurs utilisant d’anciennes versions de navigateurs pourraient rencontrer des problèmes à accéder aux sites avec les derniers correctifs et mises à jour de Sécurité.

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Inside: Agatha Christie

As the best-selling novelist of all time and the proclaimed Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie has an iconic legacy in crime novels spanning decades. Much has been said about her novels through the years, but her life remains a tireless point of public fascination.…

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