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Goodbye. Ciao. 再见. Adieu. Hoteliers say goodbye to all kinds of guests in all kinds of ways – but what happens after? How can hotels stay connected and stay relevant once guests are on the road or on a flight back home?

There are big benefits to post-stay messaging, but how can we check up on our guests after we check them out?


Option 1: Email for everyone

Sure, you could send an email. It’s an effective way to push your messaging out to guests or potential customers. The catch, however, is convincing the guest to hand over their deets.

Reaching out to customers on your loyalty program is a good idea - as long as they’ve already signed up. But online booking is making loyalty harder to keep. Besides, once you’re in that inbox, you’re competing with dozens of others marketers.

Pros: Personal, scalable.
Cons: Crowded, requires contact info.

Option 2: Social media sharing

Social scales easily. You can reach a lot of people really easily. Plus, following a Twitter account is a pretty easy ask. Making the message relevant to every one of them: that’s sticky. Cutting through all of the other gunk online: horrifying.

Pros: Scalable, free.
Cons: Impersonal, crowded, irrelevant.

Option 3: Phone call follow ups

You could call guests after they leave. But, catching them at a good time is next to impossible and dialing all of those phones will take a lot of finger power. When you do get them listening on the other end, it’s hard to set them on a path to action. You can’t click to redeem an offer or visit a website or follow a Twitter account with a voice command. Not yet, at least.

Pros: Personal,
Cons: Low value, low impact, requires contact info.


There are other ways, too, of course, but none of it matters if you aren’t offering something of value.

Something they’ll enjoy. Something relevant to them and their stay. Something you can deliver at scale.

Find a technology partner (Hi, we’re PressReader) that can help you build customized, personalized, individual experiences for each of your guests – no matter where they are.

Use tech like PressReader to reach out to guests after their stay – no matter where they are – without jumping into a cluttered inbox or blasting out into the social sphere.


Find out here


Own your relationships. And do more with them.

Check up on your guests after you check them out.


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