PressReader Takes Bauer Media’s Passion to a New Global Audience

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Hamburg, Germany (October 15, 2015) – PressReader, the world’s largest and most successful all-you-can-read digital media platform has entered into a global partnership with Bauer Media Group, one of the world's leading media houses, to maximise its audience reach and revenues in untapped vertical markets and collaborate on co-marketing initiatives that will set new standards in digital publishing.

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Bauer Media is known for its passion when it comes to content publishing.  The launch of the worldwide agreement with PressReader begins in Germany where every second person reads a magazine from the Bauer Media Group. This leadership is reflected especially in the women's segment in many other locations.

Three dozen Bauer Media publications including Cosmopolitan, InTouch, AutoZeitung, Tina, Bravo, Neue Post and JOY, have been added to the PressReader platform to date, continuing the growth of PressReader’s German-language content.

Unlike most publisher-vendor agreements that tend to revolve simply around an already crowded online distribution space, where competition for eyeballs is fierce, the partnership between Bauer Media Group and PressReader goes much deeper.  Rooted in the mutual spirit of collaboration, it focuses on the joint promotion of Bauer Media content to the 250+ million people who enjoy sponsored access to PressReader at thousands of hotels, airports and airlines, libraries, private yachts and cruise ships, cafés and businesses around the world.

“Bauer and PressReader share a common passion for media and reaching readers wherever they are with the highest quality content,” said Cedric Atta, director, International ePublishing for Bauer Media Group. “To maximise reach and revenues we needed to think outside of traditional distribution portals and app stores and reach our target audiences in new ways.  PressReader has been a trusted player in the publishing industry for many years and is known for technological and business innovation.  Partnering with them across all our territories to capitalise on their business channels and marketing opportunities made perfect business sense for us.”

Collaboration is at the heart of the partnership where each company will leverage its leadership in its respective markets and work together to drive forward a challenged publishing industry.

“The partnership forged between Bauer and PressReader will bring a new dimension to the content available on PressReader, specifically with our growing female audience,” said Nikolay Malyarov, PressReader’s chief content officer. “Bauer has a wealth of titles that news consumers trust and turn to on a regular basis.  Given the successes we’ve achieved by working jointly with other prominent publishers, we are confident that Bauer will perform extremely well across all our channels and set a new benchmark for the rest of the industry to follow.”



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