library trends

How academic librarians can open a window onto a world of information

Online resources such as PressReader can help libraries connect their users with the content they need

One-stop online information services for academic libraries

A look at some of the electronic resources that have become an essential part of library services

The importance of library resources in boosting the workforce

Many libraries offer free resources for patrons in search of employment

How digital information technology has helped academic libraries survive

Librarians prepare for the future by accelerating their adoption of different technologies The deserted library? With ...

How technology has changed education in academic institutions

High-tech innovation has transformed higher learning, from the lecture hall to the library and beyond Because it has ...

How K–12 libraries adjusted to the remote world overnight

When the pandemic first hit and the world moved remote, schools were among the fastest to adapt to our new reality. ...

The story behind PressReader’s accessibility features

At PressReader, one of our mandates is to make sure that everyone has access to newspapers and magazines from around ...

PressReader Accessibility was designed with library patrons in mind

When the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) first reached out to us to rate our platform, we didn’t ...

PressReader helps local publishers reach an international library audience

PressReader is passionate about including niche and community publications in its all-you-can-consume platform. We’re ...

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