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VANCOUVER, Canada La Razón, one of Spain's leading national newspapers, has joined PressReader the popular all-you-can read newspaper and magazine platform. Millions of users around the world can now access La Razón through PressReader’s monthly subscription model, as well as with sponsored access through one of PressReader’s thousands of businesses around the world who offer the platform as an amenity to their customers. The new partnership will increase La Razón’s reach and readership, allowing them to break into previously unreachable markets.

La Razón is positioning itself as one of the leaders in digital media innovation in Spain. Their presence on PressReader represents the importance many publishers see in adding both a digital and a mobile component to their content allowing users to read on-demand, and from anywhere in the world.


Sergio Rodríguez, VP Digital at La Razón, stated “The collaboration with PressReader will allow La Razón to improve on two major points. The first is the distribution in digital format of our printed product, where our goal is to reach the maximum number of potential customers. The second is to strengthen our content payment strategy through Younews, the premium content area for La Razón’s digital subscribers. In both cases, PressReader is a partner with extensive technological knowledge and a complete vision of the landscape of digital media business, which has facilitated the partnership and integration.”

PressReader partners with thousands of libraries and international travel brands like Meliá, NH Hotels, Marriott International, Iberia, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Silversea  and MSC Cruises. These organizations sponsor access to PressReader for their customers, who can read and download as an unlimited number of publications during their visit or stay. For La Razón, this means the potential to be discovered by thousands of new readers, as well as allowing current readers to access the publication from their own personal devices.


“Adding La Razón to our platform means significant market growth in both Spain and Latin America” said Steve Chapman, VP Content Partnerships at PressReader, “Not only will our millions of readers have access to the popular newspaper, but all of our partners will benefit from being able to offer this important publication from Spain to their international clients.”

PressReader also works with major publishers like The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, Condé Nast, El Periódico de Cataluña, As, National Geographic in numerous regions around the world.

Read La Razón's article on the new partnership. 


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