The Future of Newspapers and Magazines in Flight [Industry Report]

Together with APEX, we surveyed senior leaders of the world’s leading airlines about their plans for content and the passenger experience.

The results are in. And the verdict for print looks grim.

Survey Says: 70% of airlines will stop offering print news in <5 years


The race to digitize content has swept every industry, and it’s just about time for it to reach the skies.…

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New features for your PressReader Channel

On PressReader you’ll find content from just about everywhere in the world. Whether you’re reading hard-hitting journalism, creating a collection of recipes or keeping your eye on the stock market – you’ll find something for you. Your personal PressReader Channel gives you the tools to customize in ways that work for you. 

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Follow the news that moves you.

You’re busy – and we get that. But that shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on content that interests you. We’ve launched an easy way for you to stay in the loop with trending stories from a variety of different publishers from around the globe.…

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