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The new new: seven luxury hotel amenities you need to know about 

We’ve heard this a lot over the past year: customer expectations are shifting. People want more from their brands — ...

Should your library have a virtual reality center?

Virtual reality (or VR) has long felt like a trend of the future. In fact, if you look back at technology trend reports ...

Filling in the gaps to improve diversity, equity and inclusion at libraries

Here's what library teams around the world are doing to make their institutions more inclusive

Labor shortfall 2022: When will the staffing shortage in the hospitality industry end? 

Hotels made it through some of the darkest early days of COVID, only to face a whole new challenge: a labor shortage ...

How academic librarians can open a window onto a world of information

Online resources such as PressReader can help libraries connect their users with the content they need

How Landvetter Airport Hotel redesigned their offering to improve guest experience

Around the world, across different languages and cultures, leading hotels have one fundamental thing in common: their ...

Why are hotels facing a labor shortage in 2022?

In part, it's because COVID-19 forced a shift in priorities for many hospitality workers 

One-stop online information services for academic libraries

A look at some of the electronic resources that have become an essential part of library services  

The importance of library resources in boosting the workforce

Many libraries offer free resources for patrons in search of employment

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