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So, what?

Well, we’re proud to have more newspapers and magazines than literally anybody else. We’re not trying to brag – it’s just true. We have content from all over the world, in a whole bunch of different languages.

It’s not really about us, though. It’s about our readers. They’re awesome and they deserve choices. They deserve to read what they want, when they want, where they want, and how they want. They should be able to flip from a sports publication to a daily newspaper to an international fashion title with the simple touch of a button.


7,000 titles now available on PressReader 7,000 titles now available on PressReader


We get it. You're probably not going to read all 7,000 newspapers and magazines. If you do, that's awesome and you might be a superhero. If you don't, no sweat. It’s not about reading the most or having the most titles on our platform. It's about having everything you might want. Everything you could want. Today, tomorrow, next month, whenever. It’s about creating an experience that gets our distribution partners happy and about helping our content partners reach new audiences in new places.

That’s why we’re building a platform that delivers so much more than flat PDF replicas.

We’re way beyond that. We’re a Canadian tech company with a mission to change the way people discover, share, and read the stories they care about.

And it is. It’s changing.

Visit to check it out for yourself.


About PressReader
PressReader is a Vancouver-based global platform for people who want to read, share, and talk about all of the stories that matter to them. We’ve partnered with thousands of publishers in over 100 countries to give readers unlimited access to top-quality journalism from around the world. We’re all about choice. Readers can browse leading newspapers and magazines on our web platform or download them to a smartphone or tablet using the PressReader app. They can subscribe to PressReader for unlimited access, or view our entire collection simply by visiting a sponsored HotSpot location.

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