Falisia Resort & Spa uses PressReader to bring choice to the Italian coast

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Falisia Resort & Spa is located in the hidden gem of Portopicolo, located in Trieste: the beautiful northeast coast of Italy. It’s surrounded by Austria, Slovenia and Croatia making for a colorful cultural mosaic that’s very much reflected in the hotel guests.

The beautiful northeast coast Trieste

Piazzetta Portopiccolo, Falisia Hotel & Spa

The popular Marriott-owned hotel serves about 20,000 guests per year, making it essential for the hotel to offer choice to their wide variety of guests, ranging from nearby places like Switzerland, Austria and Germany, to the not-so-close places like China, Japan, Australia, and the United States. Not only is the resort a draw for global guests, but it brings in locals who want to relax and take advantage of the hotel’s amenities. And we don’t blame them. Between the stunning views, luxury boutiques, trendy restaurants and bars, and relaxing spa, it’s hard to stay away.

A Falisia Resort & Spa Deluxe Double Room, where guests can access PressReader while they stay

Deluxe Double Room, Falisia Hotel & Spa

As a port city, getting newspapers and magazines to the small region of Trieste is no small feat, and it’s not easy on the wallet either. Sourcing and shipping printed newspapers from far away is not only wildly expensive, but it’s tough to find, let alone supply, the countless different titles that guests request. Falisia Resort and Spa needed a wide variety of newspapers and magazines to cater to the huge cultural diversity in clientele. They had countless languages, and tastes to cater to, and they needed a premium solution to match their upscale hotel.  

A terrace / balcony overlooking Portopicolo, Italy at Falisia Resort and Spa

Room Terrace, Falisia Hotel & Spa

“We’re not exactly located in a big city – it’s a remote village. Previously, our guests and locals didn’t have anywhere they could find a wide variety magazines and foreign newspapers. Now, we’re the place they can go to for content from all over the world, and our guests expect it. Thanks to PressReader, we’re able to do that.“

Valentina Adrighetti

Sales Coordinator 

Falisia Resort and Spa 

Spread the word

Even the most amazing service won’t be successful if your guests don’t know about it. Falisia fundamentally understands their guest journey, and applies that knowledge to how they inform their guests and locals about PressReader:

  • At check-in: As soon as guests arrive, they’re informed that they have unlimited access to global newspapers and magazines.
  • Signage: Falisia places PressReader signage in the places they know their guests will want it most. So they can get up to speed on news over breakfast, relax with a magazine while they unwind at the spa, or browse in the lobby. 
  • Room Key: Every customer gets PressReader branded room key – keeping complimentary amenities top of mind.
  • WiFi: Guests that connect to the WiFi are dropped straight into a portal page where they have the option to connect to PressReader in one click. Because most guests will connect to the WiFi at some point during their trip, this ensures every one of them is aware and gets seamless connection to the content they care about.

The Wellness Center and Spa at Falisia Resort and Spa in Italy

Wellness Center and Spa, Falisia Hotel & Spa

Falisia harmoniously combines traditional methods like printed signage, and newer methods like a killer guest journey through the WiFi, to ensure every guest knows about the amenities that will make their stay the best it can be.

Old meets New

Falisia’s presence in a very traditional region of Italy left us wondering about their relationship with technology. How can we bring futuristic touch-points to a seemingly unchanged, time-honored region? And what does that do for the guest experience?

“I disagree with the idea that technology creates separation between people. If you use it in the right way, it can bring you closer to your guests.”

Valentina Adrighetti

Sales Coordinator 

Falisia Resort and Spa


The beach bar at Falisia Resort and Spa where guests relax and browse PressReader

Maxi's Beach Bar, Falisia Hotel & Spa

Valentina summed up the future of hotels in one word: Contact.

“Contact is key. With the technology we have available today, we’re able to connect before the guest arrives, and remain in touch after they leave. In the end, it’s all about the human being and our ability to connect. That’s the future.”  

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