5 hotels you should pay attention to

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If you’re fine offering basic accommodations in the same way you always do, don’t bother reading.

If you don’t believe in creating powerful guests experiences that seriously change the way guests think about and talk about your hotel, you’ve already gone too far.

If you’re not into learning from some of the world’s most technologically advanced hotels and applying those lessons to your own operation, this really isn’t for you.

If you’re still here, go ahead. Take a peek.


1. Eccleston Square is, of course, beautiful. But pay attention to the details: keypads that control lighting and music, shower walls with instant frosting, easy concierge service right from the room. It’s about comfort and about choice.

The takeaway: One easy way to create a feeling of luxury is to offer choices. Giving power your guests help them feel like masters of their new, temporary domain


2. Best Western Hotels & Resorts offers its guests virtual reality tours as part of the Best Western Virtual Reality Experience. They use VR tech to totally change up the way customers choose their hotel and giving people a chance to have the BW experience before ever setting foot inside.

The takeaway: Stay connected to your guests during every part of their journey. Give them something memorable before, during, and after their stay.


A young guest peering into a VR headset experience.


3. Hotel 1000 lets guests control room temperatures, artwork, music and more. They’ve built a hotel experience that is totally, completely customized – and guests are willing to pay for it.

The takeaway: Relinquish control. Your guests know exactly what they want and options help them         personalize their stay.


4. The Standard hosted a bunch of really cool, unique events, like the Sleep-in Cinema at The Standard High Line, where guests camped out on mattresses from Casper and watched horror movies all weekend, or a pop-up dinner that promoted activism. They’ve got more than campouts and dinners, though. Hour-by-hour city guides and a same-day mobile booking app help make every stay personal.

The takeaway: Use proper experiences to stand out and give your customers something to talk about.


5. Marriott’s been creating user-centric, tech-centric experiences for a while now. The chain’s been on Fast Company’s list of innovative companies a few years in a row and this year, landed the number four spot in the design sector for big guest experience projects like the IoT room of the future.

The takeaway: Find technology partners you can trust to help you connect to guests in a meaningful way.


A middle woman holding a TV remote in a modern Marriot hotel suite.



You don’t have to run one of the world’s most technologically advanced hotels to learn from one. If you’re committed to delivering a quality, customized, comfortable guest experience, we can help. Talk to a member of our hospitality team.


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