Spotlight: Politicians should listen to their constituents

Support the opinion: Politicians should listen to their constituents

Politics is a topic that can spark endless discussion. At the heart is often the question of whether constituent interests are being adequately represented in government. Spotlight caught up with Canada’s Federal Liberal candidate for Surrey-Newton who has a message for all politicians and what people should expect of their elected officials.…

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Weekly Hot Topics – April 9th 2015

It’s been a busy week and now you’re ready for some news! It’s time for Weekly Hot Topics to give you the lowdown on top news stories from around the world.

This week…


A South Carolina officer is facing murder charges after cellphone footage of him fatally shooting victim Walter Scott emerged.…

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Showcase: Adding Fun to Learning through PressReader

One innovative publisher is now taking Newspapers In Education (NIE) to a new level.

Dr. Rafael Fernández, founder of Valor Agregado Servicio de Consultoria (VAS) is bringing levity to learning through – Dime Abuelita por que (Granny Tell me why) – a Spanish comic book that provides entertaining examples of scientific applications in our daily lives, through the antics of a restless young high school student and his insightful grandmother.…

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Discussing PressReader at FIPP's Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin

The PressReader team recently got back from FIPP’s prestigious Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin where chief content officer, Nikolay Malyarov, appeared on a panel discussing paid content – how to really make it work.


Nikolay’s contributions to the panel caught the attention of Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting, BR) a large public-service radio and television broadcaster, based in Munich. …

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