Ad blocking is not a curse; it’s an opportunity

Online consumers today have the power to dictate what they want and don’t want. What they want is quality content (which includes advertising) that is relevant and adds value. What theyad blocking tablet don’t want are the millions of intrusive, low-quality ads that pollute their online experience with abysmal page loading, excessive data tracking, security loopholes and pre-roll Flash attacks.…

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Share your view and have your opinion promoted on PressReader

We’ve been busy making new improvements to get your voice noticed on PressReader! Share your point of view, generate support, and have your opinion featured on the section cover of a publication.

When you’ve created your opinion and tagged it to an article, your comment will also appear on the section introduction.…

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Updating our security levels

Dear Publishers,

A quick housekeeping item to discuss before the weekend:

We are updating our security levels here at PressReader.  As a result, some of the older browsers will no longer work on our secure pages.

This upgrade may impact some of your readers who are still using these older browsers to read your content.…

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Transactional taxes in China for apps and in-app purchases + more!

    A quick update from our friends at Apple that we’d like to share with our publishers:

If you are offering apps or in-app purchases in China, effective September 30, 2015, Apple will be subject to transactional taxes in China. Consistent with other markets, Apple will reduce the proceeds received from customers by the amount of any taxes, and then apply their commission.…

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Help video: How to use the HotSpot map

There are thousands of places around the world offering sponsored access to the full PressReader catalog. The odds are pretty good that there is one near you, so we’ve included a map with these locations in the app and on our website.…

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