#HowTo become a PressReader Ambassador.

Are you a self-proclaimed app expert?

Does the thought of trying the newest and coolest features first get your Twitter thumbs tingling? #Want.  Are you sitting on the edge of your seat screaming YES? Then this is just the opportunity for you.…

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Spotlight: B.C. Premier Christy Clark outlines steps government is taking to fix housing affordability

B.C. Premier Christy Clark sits down with PressReader Spotlight to talk about what her government is doing to help fix the Province’s housing crisis. Watch her interview and support the opinion on PressReader here, if you agree.

In September, the Province announced a $500 million investment which is the largest single-year housing investment by any province in Canada.…

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Spotlight: PetSmart Charities of Canada shares tips for transitioning a new pet

PetSmart Charities of Canada is dedicated to ending pet homelessness. It says adopt, don’t shop when choosing your pet.  Do you agree?  Support the opinion on PressReader.

Everyone has seen images and videos of a perfectly wrapped gift with a pet inside, but PetSmart Charities of Canada warns that holidays are hectic and may not be the easiest time to transition a new pet into your family. …

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Get cozy with your PressReader Channel

What’s a PressReader Channel?

When you sign-up for PressReader you’re automatically given your own Channel. Channels are your place to save, curate, post and share content from all over PressReader. Follow others to see what they’re reading and commenting on, share your favorite content, and even share images from your favorite magazines.…

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The Future of Newspapers and Magazines in Flight [Industry Report]

Together with APEX, we surveyed senior leaders of the world’s leading airlines about their plans for content and the passenger experience.

The results are in. And the verdict for print looks grim.

Survey Says: 70% of airlines will stop offering print news in <5 years


The race to digitize content has swept every industry, and it’s just about time for it to reach the skies.…

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