Add your opinion on the go with the PressReader iOS app!

You can now add opinions to any story you’re following in the latest version of the PressReader app. Add opinions on topics you’re passionate about while you’re on the go! Tag your comments with opinions on articles you’ve read, or click the ‘+’ button to support opinions made by others.…

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Introducing extended PressReader access for your visitors

Our team is constantly working to build innovative new features in order to deliver a better and better service all the time. We’re excited to unveil our new Radiant Access feature. output_R68LJ5
An add-on for PressReader HotSpot
PressReader HotSpot gives visitors connected to the WiFi network unlimited access to the entire PressReader catalog of 3,600+ newspapers and magazines, all on their own smartphones, tablets and laptops.…

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The Insider: Behind the Scenes at Expo 2015

Bold ideas will come together in the Italian sun this summer. The world is meeting to discuss how we can continue to feed the planet and create energy for life in a rapidly changing environment. The Insider is here with an exclusive behind the scenes look at Expo 2015, happening this summer in Milan.…

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Weekly Hot Topics – April 16th 2015

It’s already Thursday and you want to catch up on what’s been happening around the world. Check out Weekly Hot Topics for the latest top news stories!

This week…


President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro made history as they shook hands and agreed to reestablish diplomatic relations.…

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