A familiar voice. Less data. (Enable Text-To-Speech.)

A familiar voice. Less data.

PressReader now offers the option to use your own device’s speech engine. Just open the app, download your favorite newspaper or magazine, and enable Text-to-Speech. When you tap Listen to start your session, you’ll be able to use the arrows to skip ahead in the issue, or back to the previous article at any time.…

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Publishers, take a tip from travel

If you were asked to name the one industry that has been the most negatively affected by digital disruption, I bet newspapers would be high on your list.  Few would argue that they have been victims of the dramatic changes in technology, society, markets, competition, ownership and economics, but they aren’t alone.  …

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“We hate comments” or Why opinions matter

It seems like every month, more and more publishers are slamming the dialogue doors on their digital properties, blaming trolls, spam, and the costs of comment moderation as reasons for the lockout.

Second only to the digital advertising debris they inflict upon their readers, I consider this to be the biggest mistake media executives have made in their attempts to transition to digital and engage with today’s constantly connected news consumer.…

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