Advanced Search: How to fine-tune your filters

Fine-tune Advanced Search filters for great results

Look no further! We’ve made it easier for you to read the recurring columns, specific articles and authors you love. PressReader’s advanced search includes several filters to help you narrow the field. Click on the search bar in the top right corner of the screen and scroll down to “Advanced Search” to get started.…

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Related Stories on PressReader

There are three sides to every story — read them all

Hooked on an article? Or want to dive deeper into a topic? Read more with our Related Stories feature!

At the end of each article, PressReader will give you the top 3 most popular stories related to that article. These stories are taken from other sources around the world to give you, the reader, the full perspective.…

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New menu icons

Do more with the content you love on PressReader

We’ve had a minor makeover! If you’re new to PressReader or have been with us for a while, you may have seen that our tools have been redesigned. We’ve created this quick guide to introduce the new look of the tools that maximize your experience on PressReader.…

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Create your own personal magazine on PressReader

Create your own personal magazine on PressReader! Customize your reading experience through the Sections feature available in your Home Feed.

A section means that the top stories on a specific subject will be available for you to read in your Home Feed.…

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Discover your favorite titles on PressReader

We add titles every day to the platform, and now we’re making it even easier to find the most interesting publications for you. Here are a few tips to find your perfect match.

1)  Now on PressReader
Discover the latest publications available on our website and apps.…

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