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Weekly Hot Topics – Nov 13th, 2014

It is the point in the week when you realize you have fallen behind in the news. Weekly Hot Topics has arrived just in time to get you up to speed!

This week…




A ten year journey had a dramatic finish as the European Space Agency landed the first every man made robot on the surface of a comet

The Columbus Dispatch



The people of Catalonia voted to secede from Spain and form and independent new country, but the vote was only a straw vote so now people are wondering what’s next…




The US and China have come to an agreement about reducing emissions but the deal has received mixed reviews is your go-to source for the latest news and commentary on all of the world’s top stories!…

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Weekly Hot Topics – October 23rd, 2014

Amid errands, cooking, work, school, sleep and your never ending ‘to-do list’, it can be easy to forget to read the news. We at PressReader never want to see you out of the loop, despite your busy schedule. Weekly Hot Topics is here to deliver you with the quickest overview of big stories currently in the news, so you’ll never be left behind.…

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Weekly Hot Topics – October 16th, 2014

It’s Thursday, the week has flown by and you realized you haven’t had a chance to read the news. Fear not, Weekly Hot Topics is here to fill you in on the biggest stories.

This week….




Apple and Facebook have made a bold move with their health care plans, providing money for women to freeze their eggs for future fertilization which could change the way parenthood is approached

Stock Market



The Global Markets are in flux this week as worries about European economic troubles are causing ripples across the globe




The world now has an official Mrs.

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Weekly Hot Topics – October 2nd, 2014

Your collection of the week’s biggest news stories is here with Weekly Hot TopicsRead up and be the starter of that next big lunchtime discussion.

This week…..

Hong Kong Protests



The democracy protests in Hong Kong continue as the world watches this ‘umbrella revolution’

Washington Post



Baseball season has come to a close, recaps are in and the speculations begin with the post-season up to bat

Windows 10



Following the industry trend, Microsoft has released a preview of Windows 10.

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