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  • Werner Patels 2016-02-15  

    Is this also why the app in iOS has been unavailable all weekend? You do not indicate any issues (which is usual for your company, unfortunately), but the fact remains that the iOS app could not be used all weekend, because the main Publications screen remains empty, and nothing can be selected, etc.

  • PressReader 2016-02-18  

    Hi Werner,

    We’ve contacted you directly, because although we have received a couple of reports of this issue over the past few days, we cannot reproduce it! If you experience this again, would you please send us the log files from your device? (They can be found in the left nav of our iOS app, under Settings > General > Send Us Feedback.) The log files will be sent to us anonymously, so please include a brief line about the issue as well and we’ll look at it right away.

    (The bug that you describe seems to be limited to a very small handful of people, so it would not be related to the DDOS attack that we’ve discussed here.)

    Thanks for reaching out to us!
    The PressReader Team