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          Nikolay Malyarov        

Nikolay Malyarov

Nikolay Malyarov CEO, International & Chief Content Officer Nothing gets past Nikolay, and in his position at PressReader (http://about.pressreader.com), that’s a good thing. His attention to detail and knowledge of the tech, travel, and publishing industries have helped turn PressReader into a profitable global business. Since 2003, Nikolay has led the expansion of the world’s largest all-you-can-read global digital content platform (www.pressreader.com), providing mobile access to over 7,000 newspapers and magazines to consumers and travel brands looking for new ways to build meaningful relationships with real people. His strategic vision and insightful commentary makes him a popular speaker at industry events where he shares how consumer-focused businesses can capitalize on innovative opportunities that others don’t see. Nikolay also serves on the Management Board of FIPP (http://fipp.com), the network for global media.

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