Use your library card to unlock the benefits of a full subscription

Not yet a PressReader subscriber? No worries! Now you can sign into the PressReader apps using your library card. Download as many magazines and newspapers as you like. Skip the library checkout, and the late fees — you don’t need to return any of these issues.

We’ve got this and much more waiting for you in the latest iOS and Android app. (Follow the @Spotlight channel on PressReader for all of our updates.)

Take your library card further

For the first time in the app, we’re introducing a way for you use your library card to unlock the benefits of a full subscription. You can sign in using your library card, or add your card to your existing account. Scroll through the list of participating libraries to find yours, then enter your card number and PIN.

How do I know if my library offers PressReader?

If you don’t see your library in the drop down list, look for it on the HotSpot Map. There might be another way to connect. Talk to your librarian, or visit your library’s website to find out how.

Link accounts for seamless sharing

Link all of your social profiles together under one account. Then, you can sign in with any of your social accounts and have all your activity collected in your PressReader channel. Add your library card, Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts on the Accounts tab under social and linked networks.

Tweak your account settings

You can also change your password right in the app. Nobody likes guessing when they last updated their password, so we’ve added a date stamp so that you can see when you did. You can also change the email attached to your account, and your photo or nickname.

Translate individual articles

Get quick translations of single stories to keep up to date with the world’s press. Read news from many different perspectives. Expand an article and tap on the menu in the top right corner to translate it.

The latest release of PressReader is rolling out now for iOS and Android. Check your app store for availability, and let us know what you think. Visit our Community Forum to post your thoughts and vote on suggestions.