Spotlight: Rock band OK Go makes first zero-g music video

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When OK Go’s lead singer Damian Kulash and his sister Trish Sie experienced a zero gravity flight 10 years ago, they knew that one day they wanted to make a music video in zero-g. They quickly realized the financial and technical complications of such a video, not to mention that filming a music video in zero gravity had never been attempted.

Ten years later in Russia, the ad agency TUTKOVBUDKOV pitched a unique concept for a viral video to their client S7 airlines. After months of brainstorming, they reached out to OK Go with an idea of making a music video in a passenger plane.

OK Go’s response was very short: “Make that plane fly in zero gravity.”

There is a reason why professional astronauts perform only 10 zero gravity flights in a year. It’s dangerous and extremely hard on your body.

After the first flight, OK Go faced a simple truth. In order to make a music video, they would need to perform 20 zero gravity flights in three weeks. Yet, it was so straining that they hardly made it through their first flight.

PressReader Spotlight follows OK Go’s incredible journey of making the first zero gravity music video.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Watch the documentary and follow OK Go on PressReader.  Support the opinion “Gravity is just a habit,” if you agree.