Adding jewels to our British crown

With the recent addition of Hearst UK to our platform, PressReader’s British catalog(ue) is looking tip-top. Hearst brings with them 19 top titles including Elle, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Country Living, Good Housekeeping and Esquire. These join our incredible existing UK offering of 650+ publications, including leading newspapers like The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail, as well as magazine titles like Stuff, T3 and ­­­­­Top Gear.

PressReader already offers a ton of international Hearst content from Canada, Singapore, Spain, Mexico, Australia, China and more. We’re pleased to partner with Hearst UK as well to bring their content to a whole new global audience of millions of readers on PressReader.

The jury is still out whether Brexit has a plan or not, but we do. Explore the UK’s best content here.

Happy reading!