[FREE] Start Bookmarking your Collection!

Creating Collections on your PressReader Channel is an easy way to start developing your reading room, a library of content to go back to yourself, or to share with your followers. You can easily create and manage multiple public and private Collections. Whether you’re wanting to create a digital cookbook of your favorite recipes or just clip top international stories to stay up-to-date, Collections make it easy for you to organize and access your articles.

How do Bookmarks work?

They allow you to assign content to Collections from any newspaper or magazine on PressReader. That’s right. Paid or free content, you can Bookmark it straight to your Collections.

Let’s get started! 

1.) Once you’re ready to Bookmark a title click on the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the article.



2.) Click on “Bookmark” to add content to an existing or new collection.



3.) Here you can create a new Collection or add the article to an existing Collection. You can even mark Collections as private and easily switch them to public later.



4.) Managing Collections are even easier! Just go to the drop down menu, on the left-hand side, and select “My Collection”. Here you can view, edit and delete Collections to keep you reading room nice and tidy.



What’s next? 

In our next update, we’ll be launching graphic Bookmarks which allow you to save pages from newspapers and magazines as they appear in print. This means you’ll be able to add and share full-page replicas from any page and add it to your collection. And because we like you… here’s a sneak peek ;).



Still have questions?

Visit our Community forum to chat with other members about PressReader, or submit a ticket to connect with our support line.

Happy Reading!

The PressReader Team