Create your own personal magazine on PressReader

Create your own personal magazine on PressReader! Customize your reading experience through the Sections feature available in your Home Feed.

A section means that the top stories on a specific subject will be available for you to read in your Home Feed. The section will auto-update itself so that you are always reading the latest version. Simply, pick your favorite sections and enjoy all the latest news and articles that you love.

To get started, click on the PressReader logo in the top-center of the Home Feed and scroll down to Sections. Here, you can see what topics are already visible in your Home Feed. If you want to add more, there are 2 main ways to customize your sections:
TT_sections 1 _V2

1)Add SectionTT_Sections-2-Copy

While you are still in Sections in the Home Feed, click on Add Section, to add a new topic of your choice. If you want a suggestion on something new, check out the Featured Sections listed in the window. You can also browse by country, by language or if you know the name of the publication you want, search for it directly in the search bar at the top.

Once you’ve picked the publication you like, click it and a list of sections in that title will appear. Click on the section you want and it will be added to your Home Feed and automatically deliver you the latest news on that topic.


2) Page View

Go into the Page View of your desired magazine and/or newspaper. At the bottom of the screen, there’s a bar with all the sections of the publication for you. Simply click on the one(s) you like and a plus symbol will be next to the section name. Click on the symbol to follow this section and it will be automatically added to your Home Feed.

TT_Sections 3_v3


Still have questions? Visit our Community Forum to chat with other members about PressReader, or submit a ticket to connect with our support line.

Happy reading!
The PressReader Team