Awesome new partnerships added this month: Bauer Media, The Georgia Straight, PC-WELT, and many more…

It’s been a fabulous February!

We’re back with our monthly update on some of the biggest new partnerships launched by PressReader over the past few weeks.

Featured titles

Some terrific international and regional publishers joined PressReader in February, including 70+ titles from publishing giant Bauer Media, expert tech mag PC-Welt, and our local Vancouver favorite The Georgia Straight.

We’re excited to welcome Bauer Media on board, bringing some awesome UK magazines. These include leading film magazine Empire, pop culture staple heat, and modern music guide Q.

Featured new business partners

Sponsored access to PressReader is now available through a whole new roster of business partners this month, including:

Where to meet us this month

Meet our team at the following events in March 2016:

The story continues, so stay tuned for more exciting news next month!

A note about titles: Some titles are not available in certain geographic regions or markets, due to licensing or legal restrictions beyond our control. It’s a bummer for us too but we hope you understand.