What's the #FutureofNewsMedia? 6 Themes That Emerged From Our Live Twitter Chat

We had an absolute blast running our first Twitter chat and loved hearing your thoughtful questions to our topic on the #FutureofNewsMedia. It was awesome to see that readers and our fellow industry folk care about the same things in publishing that we do. The future of news media is incredibly exciting, but it will come as no surprise that there are a number of challenges publishers need to navigate. It’s not always easy to rethink traditional distribution and content consumption models, but we believe there’s a way.

We mapped out six themes that emerged from our Twitter chat. Below are some of the highlights.

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1. A legacy industry still struggles to adapt

This ever present question weighs heavy for legacy news organizations because the answer is already obvious. All numbers, whether financial or readership based, point to a resounding no, old media has not effectively adapted to the new digital world.

2. Bite-size content vs. premium journalism

Digital is unquestionably the future–if not already the present–but the nature of content and how readers will consume it is still up for debate. ‘New media’ outlets like Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post rival traditional long-form newspapers in many ways. And while their readers love bite-size shareable content, some of our chat participants worried about what the rise of online news means for quality journalism.

3. Rise of the Influencer

The influence of content creators is greater than ever, as people start caring about the personalities behind their favorite media just as much, if not more, than the content itself.

4. Quality Over Quantity

News has become commoditized into a product and the ones who are pumping it out the fastest seem to have become the winners in the industry. Many people in our Twitter chat expressed the importance, and often overlooked demand, for in-depth news coverage in a sea of shallow content.

5. The End of Print is Near… for Some

Successfully adapting to the future means leaving behind the past. Talk surrounding the end of print was a common thread through our Twitter chat, and trends suggest it may sneak up on us faster than we think.

6. Meeting Readers Where They Are

At the end of the day, readers want news that is dependable, high quality and easy to access. Our Twitter chat participants voiced that technology and delivery method should play an important role in how publishers think about distribution, because ultimately readers call the shots.


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